ICCWIN | Cricketing Symphony: A Preview of Chattogram Challengers' Strengths in the 2024 BPL Pre-Season

As the cricketing fervor intensifies, we turn our attention to the upcoming 2024 BPL season, and today, let's delve into the pre-season analysis of the Chattogram Challengers. Under the astute coaching of Julian Wood, the team boasts a formidable lineup. Join us at ICCWIN Casino as we dissect the strengths of each player and offer insightful betting suggestions for our esteemed members.

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Captaincy and Keeping Prowess: Kusal Mendis - A Right-Handed Maestro Leading from the Front

With Kusal Mendis at the helm, the Challengers are in capable hands. His right-handed captaincy prowess and adept wicket-keeping skills make him a pivotal figure in the squad.

Top-Order Powerhouses: Tanzid and Waseem - A Left-Right Combo to Bewilder Opponents

The opening pair of Tanzid Hasan and Muhammad Waseem brings a perfect blend of aggression and technique. While Tanzid's left-handed flair adds dynamism, Waseem's right-handed stability provides a solid foundation.

All-Round Brilliance: Hom, Rahman, Hossain - A Trio of Versatility

The all-rounders, Shuvagata Hom, Ziaur Rahman, and Shahadat Hossain, contribute both with the bat and ball. Their right-handed prowess adds depth to the Challengers' lineup, creating a well-rounded team.

Bowling Arsenal: Hasnain, Bilal, Sakil - A Right-Handed Barrage

The bowling department, led by Mohammad Hasnain, Bilal Khan, and Salauddin Sakil, forms a potent right-handed attack. Their varied skills, combined with the left-handed flair of Bilal Khan, promise a formidable challenge for opponents.

International Flavor: Campher, Mendis, Eskinazi - A Global Influence

The presence of international players like Curtis Campher, Stephen Eskinazi, and Kusal Mendis injects a global influence into the team, creating a harmonious blend of cricketing styles and experiences.

Betting Suggestions:

  • 1. Opening Collaboration Performance

    Expect fireworks from the opening duo of Tanzid Hasan and Muhammad Waseem. Consider a bet on their combined run total in the initial overs for potential gains.

  • 2. All-Rounders' Impact:

    Keep an eye on the contributions of Shuvagata Hom, Ziaur Rahman, and Shahadat Hossain. Consider bets on their combined runs and wickets to maximize your winnings.

  • 3. Kusal Mendis' Leadership Brilliance:

    Bet on Kusal Mendis to showcase his leadership brilliance with both the bat and in strategic captaincy decisions. Predict his total runs and captaincy influence for potential rewards.


As we anticipate the thrilling encounters in the 2024 BPL season, the Chattogram Challengers emerge as a force to be reckoned with. The right-handed dominance, coupled with international flair, positions them as formidable contenders. ICCWIN Casino invites its members to engage in the excitement, placing strategic bets on the strengths we've unveiled. May your bets be as winning as the Challengers' cricketing prowess!